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C Tangana - Pop Ur Pussy

21 Jun POP UR PUSSY – Conversación con C. Tangana

C.Tangana: Hola guapas, ¿o debería decir guapos? ¿Preferís que me dirija a vosotras en femenino?Equipo Palomar: Guapas, ¡gracias! Está bien preguntar, con tacto -siempre, es lo suyo. A veces, por no ofender, la gente se corta y no se presenta ni se llega a conocer. C.T: ¿Os parece ...
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05 Sep Put one´s foot in it #9

The Palomar launches Put One’s Foot In It, a chain of events as presentations by artists, curators and other cultural agents who are visiting the town of Barcelona. Put One’s Foot In It is born as a quick and urgent format to dynamize the cultural city’s context through El Palomar projec...
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02 Aug Multitud de reinas

Between 1988 and 1990 cecilia barriga (concepción, chile, 1957 - exiled in Madrid since 1979) made the video meeting of two queens, a collage-essay film which aimed to reconstruct –  from a feminist and dyke approach – the canonical cinematographic feminine imaginaries, taking as a point...
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02 Jun Hedonísmo Crítico

Equipo Palomar is pleased to celebrate HEDONISMO CRÍTICO -reinvención y reivindicación- a festive marathon with performances and music. For 7 hours, HEDONISMO CRÍTICO takes the Hiroshima bar and theater as a space for queer claim. HEDONISMO CRÍTICO -reinvención y reivindicación- is f...
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02 Jun Fons, Armari i Figura per Ismael Smith

Project granted by the Sala d’Art Jove in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya at El Palomar, tutorized by Manuel Segade. Ismael Smith i el fons d’armari starts from the artist Ismael Smith (Barcelona, 1886 - White Plains, New York, 1972) as the vertebral axis for a s...
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#ICÓNICA is a limited edition of art T-shirts produced by El Palomar for the SWAB Seed art fair (Barcelona). Their protagonists are Miguel Benlloch, Lucía Egaña, Santiago Monge, Francesc Ruiz and Equipo Palomar. #ICÓNICA starts from apropiation of culture symbols about gender. #ICÓNICA...
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02 Jun Put one´s foot in it #08

The Palomar launches Put One’s Foot In It, a chain of events as presentations by artists, curators and other cultural agents who are visiting the town of Barcelona. Put One’s Foot In It is born as a quick and urgent format to dynamize the cultural city’s context through El Palomar projec...
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02 Jun Puestx en escena

Puestx en escena is a work in video and audio which the Palomar Team (Mariokissme + R. Marcos Mota) developed for “Las condiciones Posibles”, a project by Myriam Rubio, with Rosario Ateaga and Gris García. It forces the conditions to play with the possibilities of a place. Hyperbolizin...
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02 Jun Inductores ideales

El Palomar presents the first solo exhibition of Xoán Anleo in Barcelona, the city in which the artist began his career and which still represents a benchmark for him. This exhibition is significant both for Xoán and El Palomar, as it marks their second collaboration.  Indeed, El Palomar ha...
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02 Jun Put One’s Foot In It #07 JOSÉ PEROZO

My work can balance between intimacy and “militancy”. It´s very hard to isolate myself of what´s happening in the world or of my own emotions; the context in my work is a very important factor.I learned to sew through my mother. Coming from a humble family, sewing has been more than a te...
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02 Jun Put one´s foot in #06

I am interested in crossing technology with disciplines. I think that technology can be understood in a wide variety of ways, like all human behaviours, including our identities, bodies, genders, relationships, discourses, and not simply ‘new media’. This has lead me to link diverse themes...
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02 Jun Rolando e Gary

The mystery surrounding the production of erotic gay fumetto or comics in the 1970s and 1980s by the editor Renzo Barbieri is not so much associated with these being an erratic body of work produced by anonymous cartoonists and writers, most of them heterosexual and working on a commission bas...
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02 Jun Cada paja es un aborto

El Palomar presents Cada paja es un aborto, the first solo exhibition of Lucía Egaña Rojas in Barcelona. Cada paja es un aborto problematizes the stigmatization of non-reproductive sex and investigates the possibilities of agency of the monstruous, the deformed and the incorrect. The exhibit...
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02 Jun Put one´s foot in #04

Comunidad Imaginaria: Cuerpos en Fuga (2009-2014), or An Imaginary Community: Fleeing Bodies, is a work by Mirnx Roldán (Mexico city, 1988) that revolves around the construction of the body and affective relations as a root from which individual gender relations sprout. This work seeks to exp...
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02 Jun Curador curandero

In recent decades, the curator has become the central agent of the exposure device, the excellent post-Fordist manager of the symbolic economy of biennials and art fairs. As an interface between the institution, the artist, the public and critics, the curator emerges as a cognitive reorganizin...
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02 Jun Un ciclo

With the aim of reclaiming the possibilities of the language of action, El Palomar presents this project in three acts doing without our usual attic space and its’ exhibiting possibilities. We are summarising the conceptual line of these actions with the following hashtags: #duality #tria...
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02 Jun De un color sufrido

El Palomar presents …in a tough colour, Noé Bermejo’s first solo show in Barcelona. Born in León, Noé Bermejo is now based in Valencia, where he is doing a PhD at the UPV. …in a tough colour is on display on the top floor of an early-20th-century building in what was once the caret...
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Regina Fiz se expone en El Palomar, dentro de su útero de látex, acompañada por la memoria generada en encuentros previos con otros cuerpos. En esta nueva acción duracional se presenta la memoria de una situación a cuatro cuerpos desarrollada el 14 de julio de 2014 en Madrid. En esta acc...
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02 Jun Vine a formar part de la famlia drag!

"Focused on theatrical language, this charismatic family invites us to approach gender and queer practices". Workshop conducted by Equipo Palomar + La Familia Drag (Mariokissme + R. Marcos Mota + Aïda Jordà) for the educational project "Fènix i camí de foc" directed Antoni Hervàs within t...
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02 Jun ¿De quién soy yo fan?

The fan asks the question, just becoming the artist himself. However, there must exist him as the question itself. Nómadas (“nomads”) contradiction does not only because of the ambiguity that projects the word itself. There can not be a fan of something that does not exist without rescuin...
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02 Jun Mario Montez, is wonderful!

Absent from New York’s stage and from any underground event, Mario Montez (Puerto Rico, 1935) reappeared in 2010 under the spot light to claim his place in the new revival of the underground culture of the 60s´, the camp´s studies and the question set over the postcolonial view on the trop...
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02 Jun Put One’s Foot In It #02- NADIA GRANADOS

Nadia Granados is an artist who explores the relationships between traditional pornography, the comunication and violence. Her work is both performative and technological, both art and activism, and a mix of cabaret, intervention and streaming video.The artist claims to stage anti-imperialist ...
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02 Jun Put One’s Foot In It #01: EVAN J. GARZA

Evan J. Garza is Co-founder and Assistant Director of Fire Island Artist Residency (FIAR), the first residency program in the United States exclusively for LGBTQ artists, and serves as Exhibitions and Public Programs Coordinator for The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA). He has ...
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02 Jun Psyché

“That I to thee some joyous jests may show in gentle gloze, And frankly feed thy bended eares with passing pleasant prose: So that thou daine in seemly sort this wanton booke to view, That is set out and garnisht fine, with written phrases new. I will declare how one by hap his humane figure...
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02 Jun Manifiesto libelular

Equipo Palomar rejoins Adolfo with Barcelona, where he studied and was part of the academic community during the 70s; he also befriended Alberto Cardin, Felip Colomé and Magne Fernández-Génova (to name a few), in the first intellectual homosexual clubbers who read Freud, Barthes and Foucaul...
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02 Jun Burlesque

El Palomar presents BURLESQUE, the first solo show in Europe by Colombian artist SANTIAGO MONGE, by an invitation made to curator Alex Brahim.BURLESQUE is based upon an ongoing archive of male underwear printed advertisement found in diverse Colombian magazines since the 60’s. The archive al...
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02 Jun In the future we will all be deers

Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc, born in Argentina, has lived in Madrid, A Coruña and London, where he’s currently based. Federico’s work is mainly autobiographical and sways from documentary to fiction; therefore the construction of subjectiveness is a constant displacement, both of the...
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02 Jun Film Fables

El Palomar presents Lucia King, an artist from London who has developed many of her recent works in India, establishing collaborations with artists and other researchers. In King’s current practice she produces drawing installations and films, where the two types of work are in dialogue with...
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02 Jun Cuando el orgullo grita es el amor que calla

I don’t believe in you but I believe in Love is an exhibition focused on affect, emotions and desires of the modern subject in today's society. This exhibition invites us to meditate on how certain institutional settings have colonized the depths of the human being, about the ability to l...
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