elPalomar | Un ciclo

Un ciclo

With the aim of reclaiming the possibilities of the language of action, El Palomar presents this project in three acts doing without our usual attic space and its’ exhibiting possibilities.

We are summarising the conceptual line of these actions with the following hashtags: #duality #triad #lgt #interchange #otherness #negotiation #tribute #pact #love #being #65% #beingflow #fluctuate #hydrolicenergy #waterrights #politicsofwater #watertraffic #aqauticmedium #aqauticmedium #waterstates #watermetafors #evaporation #thaw #drain

LA NOVIA SIRENA: ¡No pasar! cuerpx en construcción
Life, alone, is only a transition, day to day life brings us ever closer to what is generally called death…
To transition has to do with a movement, and every movement influences, have you seen the cracks in the ceiling? Oh how has your voice has changed over the years?
With this performance I wish to share a transition that from a distance seems to belong to a single person in a specific time, but it is not what it seems, it is a collective transition, it has always been part of her…What do you need to de/construct yourself? Remember how heavy it is for you to take a bold decision in life? Where can you find the word that belongs to the body? The personal carries on being political, even the skin itself.

Book some bath time with Helena Goldwater.
Hot Soak is a one-to-one performance which revels in fluids and intimacy, and where you, the audience, become co-creator of the work through material and physical exchange. Without you the work cannot exist.

MARTÍN RICO: Amor de cloaca
During 2002 a case was recorded of a man who cut up and ate another man orally. According to the authorities, they knew each other via a classified link on the internet where the victim had asked for this favour to be done.
Viruses don’t have a complete genetic code, only a portion that maintains its’ basic motor actions: feeding and expanding. It is not possible to confirm that they are alive since they can vegetate for centuries until they find a host that will activate them.
In the middle ages, the came to think that madness was a stone in the head that one needed to extract oneself.


  • Equipo Palomar
  • La Novia Sirena
  • Helena Goldwater
  • Martín Rico
  • Delocalized project
  • 18/9/14, 19/9/14, 20/9/14