elPalomar | Put one´s foot in it #08

Put one´s foot in it #08

The Palomar launches Put One’s Foot In It, a chain of events as presentations by artists, curators and other cultural agents who are visiting the town of Barcelona. Put One’s Foot In It is born as a quick and urgent format to dynamize the cultural city’s context through El Palomar project.

Gala Garrido (Caracas 1987, Venezuela), studied graphic design at the Institute Prodiseño of Caracas and photography at the Organization Nelson Garrido . She ccurrently works as a freelance designer and general coordinator of the Organization Nelson Garrido (LaONG) in Caracas, where at the same time she also teaches digital photography.

Her interests revolve around the representation of photographic via the tension between fiction-reality. The identities from a gender perspective, taking as a starting point the critical auto reflection of art history images, mainstream culture and media. The links between photography and poetic act, self-representation, and the body as a metaphor individually and collectively.

The Organization Nelson Garrido (LaONG) is a self-managed cultural center where different artistic activities are combined. Their language is Fotography, so the space works mainly as a photography school. There you can also find 3 exhibition rooms where the ONG gives the artists the opportunity to show their work and be the voice for minorities.

  • Equipo Palomar
  • Gala Garrido
  • El Palomar
  • 19/9/2015-12/12/2015