elPalomar | Put One’s Foot In It #07 JOSÉ PEROZO

Put One’s Foot In It #07 JOSÉ PEROZO

My work can balance between intimacy and “militancy”. It´s very hard to isolate myself of what´s happening in the world or of my own emotions; the context in my work is a very important factor.I learned to sew through my mother. Coming from a humble family, sewing has been more than a technique; it has been a way of survival. Perhaps that´s why I hang to a thread, to the comings and goings of a sewing machine, to fabric: surviving. The same happens with drawing or painting, they are not mere techniques but the way my expressions run free. Even though words occupy an important place in my work, my true language only comes out when I sew, paint or draw.

I have always said that there are three things I could not choose in this life: being born in Maracaibo (Venezuela, 1982), being gay and being an artist. And this are the three things that had marked my life, my work and my journey. “Some place better than this”, “No place better than this”. Like the work of Félix González Torres, I try the best I can to adapt myself to what comes my way. The last years in my country have been turbulent: family departing, exile, political crisis, economic and even identity crisis. Sometimes one finds himself in a place without knowing who or what one is, we make people up, we create masks… “Masks and self portraits for expressing drive and my surroundings”, it´s like that, my work is full of autobiographic references. Without much digging, the intimate and my experiences show clearly in my work—more than “works” they are my life´s work.

Sewing, drawing, painting, collages, poems, books, journeys, men, loves, failures, sex, vices, absence, solitude, freedom, fears, costumes, country and life. Identity and sexual orientation are two constants. The way I perceive and I am perceived by the world is very tied to my work. The homophobic insult is something I´ve had to deal with: strangers, family and even my country´s president have offended me because of my sexual preference. That makes it a recurrent subject in my work. I don’t pretend to do activism, is just my vision, my experience. These are my emotions, my relationship with the world.

  • José Perozo
  • Equipo Palomar
  • El Palomar
  • 11/3/15