elPalomar | Put one´s foot in #06

Put one´s foot in #06

I am interested in crossing technology with disciplines. I think that technology can be understood in a wide variety of ways, like all human behaviours, including our identities, bodies, genders, relationships, discourses, and not simply ‘new media’. This has lead me to link diverse themes and techniques from different eras (oil painting and the internet for example), with topics which range from biology to art history, sexuality and economy, the traditional and the contemporary, transgression and tradition, the ‘local’ and the ‘global’, with an interest in dismantling these dichotomies.

I work with an imagination composed of screens, interfaces and applications with which we interact day to day and which are more and more daily, made ‘natural’. These apparatuses are not neutral, not only interactive devices, but that they also configure our subjectivity. I take my images to a distinct platform, as in the case of my screencap interface paintings. I aim to produce a disruption in the interactive experience, obliging the user to once again become the spectator, as I return to the moment of contemplation.

I also work with QR codes, producing works I name “QueeR Codes”, to investigate the circulation of technologies in Latin America, the imposition of Neoliberal economics and its cultural effects in Chile. My works with QR Codes seem to be esthetically inoffensive, however they contain a hidden critical character, very much related to my queer, feminist and decolonial activism.


  • Equipo Palomar
  • Felipe Rivas San Martín
  • El Palomar
  • 6/3/15