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Put one´s foot in #04

Comunidad Imaginaria: Cuerpos en Fuga (2009-2014), or An Imaginary Community: Fleeing Bodies, is a work by Mirnx Roldán (Mexico city, 1988) that revolves around the construction of the body and affective relations as a root from which individual gender relations sprout. This work seeks to experience human corporal realities and affective ties that are involved in the particularity of movement of subjects that have decided to stay away from institutional practices. These practices take place in spaces such as hospitals, tribunals, churches, schools, the army, companies, etc. As a result from keeping a distance from those practices, they lack professional, disciplinary and bureaucratic training to apply to their daily lives. In other words, these subjects do not possess a formal education. However, the movement they perform in their daily action has its way towards the production of personal delight.

The decision of going deeper into this topic has its origin in my family life and its history. Most of my relatives live in San Juan Pantitlán, a neighborhood in Nezahualcóyotl city that is located in the state of Estado de México. From my mother’s side, there are six members of my family, all of them male from different ages, who have responsibilities ascribed to their gender. In them, I see correlated individuals within the gender constructions of the body, who at the same time, also dissent from cultural, educative and professional norms.

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  • 2/12/14