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Puestx en escena

Puestx en escena is a work in video and audio which the Palomar Team (Mariokissme + R. Marcos Mota) developed for “Las condiciones Posibles”, a project by Myriam Rubio, with Rosario Ateaga and Gris García.

It forces the conditions to play with the possibilities of a place. Hyperbolizing, travestying and resignifying a place by staging it. Framing a place to bestow mystery on it is to announce its expectations for action in another space and time. It is a framework of possibilities. Like a place or ghost to be occupied. As apparent. We express the possibilities of staging as a performative deviation, as an announced performance that does not take place. How I wish it would happen. Fantasizing with fiction as a portrait of this possibility, against representation, with an open-ended story, and produce fiction so that this can be made possible, as a statement of intent, like opening a door, like a desire.

Given this absence of moving bodies, Staging is accompanied by Rehearsal 1, a musical experiment by the Palomar Team. In an attempt to stage a speech, adjusted to the above parameters: ambient music, in its amateur experimentation, in the experimentation of those that love it. Rehearsal 1 is suggested as a possible soundtrack for Staging; it is recorded and self-released in cassette in limited edition. It contains a jcard which has been silkscreened by us on both sides in a four panel booklet. There are two different colours, fluorine pink and white. It can be purchased on bandcamp.

On the opening event of “Las condiciones posibles”, the Palomar Team holded a concert in streaming of Ensayo1, which can be hearded only on the premises of the exhibition.

  • Equipo Palomar
  • Àngels Barcelona
  • Espai 2 -Las condiciones posibles
  • 30/6/2015-19/7/2015