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Multitud de reinas

Between 1988 and 1990 cecilia barriga (concepción, chile, 1957 – exiled in Madrid since 1979) made the video meeting of two queens, a collage-essay film which aimed to reconstruct –  from a feminist and dyke approach – the canonical cinematographic feminine imaginaries, taking as a point of departure two actresses like greta garbo and marlene dietrich. this “gender trouble” work –as that same 1990  judith buttler’s book would say – proposed cinema as a dispositive that builds and validates the hegemonic roles of sex/gender while opening, from an experimental point of view, the possibilities of disarming that same discourse.

After an intense production in the last thirty years that has moved between fictional film, documentareis and video art, in 2011 cecilia recorded minor stories of the Madrid’s 15M in the context of the documentary tres instantes, un grito, while in 2014 she organized an interview to the chilean activist and performer, recently death, hija de perra. from these records, cecilia prepared the video travestiando, where establishes a visual counterpoint between the testimony of hija de perra recounting her relationship with feminism and the image of karin, a mapuche trans migrant who was active in the multitude of demands that became visible within that protest for real democracy, creating a productive dialogue between certain forms of sudaca’s transfeminism.

Finally, this exhibition on the work of cecilia barriga includes the video granada, 30 years later, which bring to focus the living power of a multitude of queens who have inhabited the mutable forms of feminism operating in the Spanish state, making evident the tension between patriarchy confrontational stances. 
these crossing stories of “queens” propose here a dialogue to activate –in connection with el palomar’s work– the historical existence of many precarious, subaltern, closed and reviled “queens” who, living and dead, are still revolting subjects to the representational apparatus of the male/female duality propounding minor forms of perverse criticism.

  • Cecilia Barriga
  • Francisco Godoy Vega
  • Equipo Palomar
  • Circuito Espaces d’Amis, LOOP Festival.
  • 27/5/2016