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Inductores ideales

El Palomar presents the first solo exhibition of Xoán Anleo in Barcelona, the city in which the artist began his career and which still represents a benchmark for him. This exhibition is significant both for Xoán and El Palomar, as it marks their second collaboration.  Indeed, El Palomar had previously edited and reinterpreted the musical project Nomads, (Carlos Ordóñez, Xoán Anleo), within the framework of Fan Riots.

Xoán Anleo  holds a PhD in Fine Arts from the UCLM and is professor at the University of Vigo, where he also resides. He has been on the art scene since the Eighties, and his work combines various media such as video, photography and installations. Special attention is also devoted to the format of publications and editions.

In this project Anleo includes a number of exercises or dynamics, which have engaged the Palomar Team in a commonly agreed process. During the last three weeks Xoán has moved to Barcelona to develop this project. This period has been instrumental to connect with those emotionally involved.

We will conceptually summarize the exhibition through the following concepts and definitions:
Production of subjectivity.
Denaturation – transhumanism.
Inductors or coils are elements that store and release energy.
Specular image – return the image – imitation – symbioses
An application blocks high frequency signals in radio circuits which gave rise to the term shock.
Repetition and Difference.
Carrier – driver – condenser – transmitter
All inductor is a coil of wire.
Inductance is inversely proportional to the length of the coil
Since man, unlike other animals, does not understand and desires things which are functional to his present  keeping, but also to the divine and immortal, referring to his eternal salvation, it seems that we should ascribe him a double desire and intellect.
Sandy – Stone.
Ideal inductors do not dissipate energy as resistors do.
For your own safety, all reality in late capitalist culture lusts to become an image.

The exhibition features a series of photographs, a video and a publication made expressly  for El Palomar, all of them in formats of key interest to the artist. In this context, El Palomar will present its second self released publication, Xoán Anleo / Ideal Inductors, as an additional piece of the exhibition. This consists of an artist’s book, developed by Xoán Anleo and the Palomar Team. It is a limited edition of 50 copies with a text/intervention “THEORY OF BODIES” by Sabel Gavaldon, commissioner based in London.

Anleo has presented solo exhibitions at the art Centre d’Art la Panera de Lleida (2012), Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, Países Bajos (2012, 2010), Museo Provincial de Lugo (2011), Duende, Rotterdam, Países Bajos (2010), Galería adhoc, Vigo (2014, 2009, 2007, 2001) Galería Magda Bellotti, Madrid (2012, 2008, 2005), Galería Moriarty, Madrid (2004, 2000), Galería T20, Murcia (2003), CGAC, Santiago de Compostela (2002), Stiftung DKM, Duisburg, Alemania (2003), Galería Espacio Mínimo, Murcia (1995), MACUF, A Coruña (1998), Galería Trinta, Santiago de Compostela (1999, 1994), Sala Nicanor Piñole, Gijón (1991), Museu d’Art de Sabadell, Barcelona (1989) entre otras. De entre sus exposiciones colectivas destacan Genealogías Feministas en el Arte Español, 1960-2010 (MUSAC, 2012), Campo magnético (Centre d’Art la Panera, Lleida 2011), Spain on the edge (Instituto Cervantes, Chicago 2010), El placer como control: del voyerismo a la vigilancia  (Hangar 2009), The gendered city. Urban Space and Gender Construction (Unit2 Gallery Londres 2004), Corpos de Producción. Miradas críticas e relatos feministas en torno aos suxeitos sexuados nos espacios públicos Santiago de Compostela 2003) y Trans Sexual Express (A Coruña 2002). Su obra está representada en colecciones privadas y en museos como MNCARS de Madrid; CA2M, Móstoles; ARTIUM, Vitoria; CGAC, Santiago de Compostela; Centre d’Art la Panera, Lleida; Fundación Centro Ordoñez-Falcón de Fotografía, San Sebastián; MACUF, A Coruña; Museum DKM, Duisburg en Alemania.


  • Equipo Palomar
  • Xoán Anleo.
  • El Palomar
  • 21/3/15-26/4/15