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In the future we will all be deers

Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc, born in Argentina, has lived in Madrid, A Coruña and London, where he’s currently based. Federico’s work is mainly autobiographical and sways from documentary to fiction; therefore the construction of subjectiveness is a constant displacement, both of the narrator and the narration. The first-person narrative floods in all the characters and it confronts with itself and the other. The trajectory departs from the archive, what is personal is disrupted by what is appropriated, it considers totality as the legacy to aim for. In this exercise of appropriation, multiple Federicos saturate themselves in their search for redemption, revealing a multiple-screen festive mourning, both withered and circensian.

Federico’s work questions the notion of truth in archive narratives, truth is blown out by ambiguity and saturation. He uses video as an adding up medium to show what is behind and in front of de camera. By expanding the screen and distorting the narration, the camera standpoint -the practice of regulation- shivers.

In the future we will all be deers is the first monograph on Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc in Barcelona. It will feature Henry Hudson and His Son, Vladimir x3 (The Great) and A gallon of Monster Foam.

Henry Hudson and His Son is a striptease about the continuity between father and son. As in an autopsy, Federico alternates the clinical space, the stores of an art museum, the amateur archive and the romantic landscape; settings for aseptic violence where the relationship between the two characters is placed: tutelage vs surviving.
Vladimir x3 (The Great) is a multiform epopoeia. A tripod with a Soviet star on its crown. During the trip the narrator multiplies the first-person narrative; he gets confused and twists the heroic goals of his exploration.

A gallon of Monster Foam is, according to the artist, a “non-fiction piece”; it can be read as a documentary film that uses devices, languages and processes which are more often seen within contemporary art works. The film analyses human anthropophagi and confronts the life cycle with culture. Any conclusion? Anticipate the bullet. Identify yourself with the victim. Accept the pain. Be venison.

  • Equipo Palomar
  • Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc
  • El Palomar
  • 14/5/13-25/5/13