elPalomar | Hedonísmo Crítico

Hedonísmo Crítico

Equipo Palomar is pleased to celebrate HEDONISMO CRÍTICO -reinvención y reivindicación- a festive marathon with performances and music. For 7 hours, HEDONISMO CRÍTICO takes the Hiroshima bar and theater as a space for queer claim.

HEDONISMO CRÍTICO -reinvención y reivindicación- is formulated as a critical reflection on El Palomar as an artistic project and a community itself. It starts from the invitation of Martí Manen inside ‘Quan les línies són temps’ cycle for Espai 13 of the Fundació Joan Miró and carried out in collaboration with the Hiroshima Theater.

Equipo Palomar considers the party as a format to rethink. The party, a place without the structural weight of the museum or the art center, has always been a backdrop for the most innovative and daring visions. We are forced to think about the potential of the party as a space-time bastion to share and generate new ways of affection without exclusions.  For these reasons, we want to create our own party. As it couldn’t be otherwise, we have invited a number of artists to orchestrate this intensity:

  • Agnès Pe
  • Andrés Senra
  • Arabesca
  • Christina Ratas
  • Francisco Godoy Vega
  • Florian Aschka + Georg Klüver
  • Georges Jacotey
  • Klau Kinki + Martín Rico
  • María Perkances + Jordi Flekos
  • Miguel Benlloch
  • Negroma
  • Paquito Nogales
  • Raisa Maudit
  • Ramón Guimaraes
  • Regina Fiz
  • Solange tô aberta
  • ¥€$Si