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Fons, Armari i Figura per Ismael Smith

Project granted by the Sala d’Art Jove in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya at El Palomar, tutorized by Manuel Segade. Ismael Smith i el fons d’armari starts from the artist Ismael Smith (Barcelona, 1886 – White Plains, New York, 1972) as the vertebral axis for a series of reviews concerned with his life, work and context.

Ismael Smith i Marí, an ultimate dandy living in turn-of the-century and modernist circles of Barcelona and Paris, was much appreciated by his contemporaries but was progressively forgotten due to his eccentric work, to the fact that he finally installed himself in the United States of America and by in the end moving away from his artistic work to concentrate on research into cures for cancer in a self-taught manner. Later, and after some public scandals (such as his tendency to nudism and his peculiar view of sexuality), he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where he remained until his death.

Fons, armari i figura per Ismael Smith takes the form of an open archive/installation with materials from the research that the Palomar Team is doing on Smith. With this opening, El Palomar invites everyone who is interested to consult and extend this archive in an experimental way. It will remain open until the close of 2015.

To queerize a historical tale means, instead of understanding the archive as a unique and finished story, showing Smith as a text to relive, a script to perform, while translating it into the reading and the experience of the present. Fons, armari i figura per Ismael Smith is a call to artists and other cultural agents to reread Smith’s work in a contemporary key, while adding to the archive. This archive-laboratory will also serve to prepare a publication which will include contributions by anyone who collaborates during this process.

From the date of the inauguration to the closing of Fons, armari i figura per Ismael Smith, El Palomar announced the successive public presentations of the project and collaborations.

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  • Txema Romero Manuel Segade y LaCris
  • El Palomar, Museu Nacional, Sala d’Art Jov.
  • 19/9/2015-12/12/2015