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De un color sufrido

El Palomar presents …in a tough colour, Noé Bermejo’s first solo show in Barcelona. Born in León, Noé Bermejo is now based in Valencia, where he is doing a PhD at the UPV.

…in a tough colour is on display on the top floor of an early-20th-century building in what was once the caretaker’s flat and is now El Palomar [The Dovecote]. The exhibition is made up of a series of pieces that coalesce into an installation which seeks to verify, confirm and bear out the former inhabitant’s life story and existence as a caretaker: a tough woman born to suffer..

It’s a fiction, an illusion made up of iconic scraps and images that are readily devoured by your average Spaniard’s system of imagination. Everything is defined in tremendously commonplace images in which it is all too easy to see your own reflection. It’s about seeking cliches packed with the common denominators of our imagination—and which belong to our history and our culture—with plenty of room for the banal and the accepted where we can all find and recognise ourselves.
We’re already familiar with these photos, full of everyday places that belong to a collective memory. But they lead on us to think about the nature of photography as something that goes far beyond a message without any denotation, where the presence demanded by a photographic act isn’t any more or any less valuable for being real or not—an issue that constantly arises in family albums and this project. Here the subject is deconstructed and the particular is lost..
The artist arranges a fiction in which he plays each and every one of the characters that feature in this account. The concept of identity is presented as something that is always false, partial, banal and stereotyped, liable to sink or fall apart at any moment. The very term is derided since identity always ends up as an absurd roleplay. By ransacking his own experiences and becoming at once subject and object, the artist approaches identity not as something unique and uniform, but imaginary, ambiguous and constantly under construction..

…in a tough colour examines photography as another attribute of remembrance than can create memories and transform and reinvent personal history. By means of disguise, it explores the nooks and crannies neglected by the family album: pain and illness, death and the circumstances surrounding it, loneliness and its context, sex, sexuality and identity. In this show we have the portrait, the person portrayed and the artist too, plus all the aspects to this narrative that set reality and fiction in play—the pretence that envelops the photographic act. This artist explores the limits of the image and photography as a narrative device for memory, as well as being part of it. This use of photography transcends the document, the corroborating credentials. This is a collection of images that want to be relics, that yearn to be fetishes..

The exhibition featured a durational performance in which the audience is welcome to take part by helping to embroider one of the central pieces in the show. Anyone who would like to bring along an object of their own to add to the embroidery is more than welcome to do so.


  • Noé Bermejo.
  • El Palomar, Tasneem Gallery
  • 25/10/14-19/11/14. 10/4/15-30/6/15.