elPalomar | ¿De quién soy yo fan?

¿De quién soy yo fan?

The fan asks the question, just becoming the artist himself. However, there must exist him as the question itself. Nómadas (“nomads”) contradiction does not only because of the ambiguity that projects the word itself. There can not be a fan of something that does not exist without rescuing the metaphor of nomadism, thus opening a debate territory of cultural production on the limits of intellectual property in popular culture. Such incrusive metaphor contained in unequal conflict between producers and fans (fans increasingly producers) evokes the professionalization of the fan and not a permanent outlet for their creative anxiety. We speak the same disappointment that says Site-Specific. This fascination / frustration is the essence of the contradiction to which we refer. This ironic detachment of the fan makes the viewer / fan into the game to identify with the protagonists. It seems that the fact of having nothing to explore, invites to take again and again to the same question. In that point should to be analyzed if that question really has an answer. Thus the fan constantly looking, set in a land of proyectual search is the same ambiguity and contradiction. The fan who constantly seeks owe their condition, is looking for himself in a nomadic territory. It is through this reinterpretation where it brings a subversive reinterpretation in the critical analysis of affective consumption (alternative) of a product. In this gesture of possession, the proximity of the fan is his distant time. This fact can be explained by relating the spaces of authority against the resistance readings that reprocess them through the tax. It is not to embody a ghost, but to analyze, displace and redistribute power structures, blurring and redrawing a circuit that remains heir of the official bourgeois structure.

Palomar team rescues a musical project of 2004. These ten years of separation do little more than record a critical time socio-economic transformation. To negotiate an alternative visibility which creates a new mentality in the production and consumption of culture, as well as the brelationship hierarchies and access to the different infrastructures and resources of the heterodox creating El Palomar self.

The Palomar is a project of Mariokissme + R. Marcos Mota who has collaborated with Carlos Ordonez and Xoán Anleo, ex-components Nomads in the development of a CD-single limited edition to 500 from a proposal by Ivan Lopez Munuera to participate in the project Fan Riots made for the SOS 4.8 in 2014. For this occasion will present it in public the edition onto this performance format.

  • Equipo Palomar
  • Nómadas
  • SOS 2014, Murcia
  • 3/5/14