elPalomar | Cuando el orgullo grita es el amor que calla

Cuando el orgullo grita es el amor que calla

I don’t believe in you but I believe in Love is an exhibition focused on affect, emotions and desires of the modern subject in today’s society.

This exhibition invites us to meditate on how certain institutional settings have colonized the depths of the human being, about the ability to love. Are these -Advertising, Science, Pharmaceutical Industry, Market – who determine how we feel, ways of operating in a relationship, how to prepare our bodies to be sexy and be successful in romantic relationships, patterns to achieve “good” sexuality… what Tiqqun called “the tyranny of good performance.”
The title is a reference to the piece of Tracey Emin, I do not believe in love but I believe in you. The game is set in the translation of words, summarizes the purpose of the exhibition: on the one hand, carry out a critique of the forms of love in the cool capitalism and on the other, appeal to the ability of emancipation of the subject, undoing the intimate link between emotional and economic sphere.

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