elPalomar | Hortensia: Beancé, Manderley, Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio

Hortensia: Beancé, Manderley, Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio

Hortensia/Beancé – Jose Antonio Maenza. Maenza thought of this film; “As if it were written, filmed and edited by a woman: Resurrection (the gray future of parallel woman). The explosive filming Hortensia / Béance takes place in a community environment, implemented in a bourgeois style mansion in Barcelona. The shooting stopped abruptly when the team was expelled from the house, place of living and filming for several months. The experience conceived by the filmmaker as a political and revolutionary act has been described by some participants as a situation of chaos and tension. From this experience a copy of nearly four hours was obtained. An unfinished work. We do not know Jose Antonio Maenza was not interested in or just end it is that Hortensia / Béance is endless. Manderley – Jesús Garay // Anoche soñé que volvía a la mansión del vicio – MariokissmeThree guys, Olmo, Paula and the actor, in various personal crises but united by their homosexual condition, leave the city ready to spend the summer in a mansion of the

Cantabrian coast. But the hope that, with the change of environment, everything can be different is diluted with the arrival of rain, with imperceptible frustration that provide trivial and everyday acts. At the end of the summer, no project has been carried out and the three are preparing to return, after that parenthesis in Manderley, urban life. Last night follows the projection dreamed I went to the mansion of vice, a tribute to Manderley led by Mariokissme. Accompany pass a copy of the original script of Manderley willing to see an original movie poster intervened by Mariokissme and a series of drawings made during recording film Manderley made by Ocaña, and a presentation by Garay, the director.

  • Jose Antonio Maenza
  • Marc Martínez
  • Paola Marugán
  • Mariokissme
  • Jesús Garay
  • El Palomar, dentro del Ciclo alô alô mundo! cinemas de invenção na geração 68
  • 16/5/2015, 23/5/2015