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El Palomar is a place of production, investigation, memory, encounter, exhibition, dialogue and political visibility. El Palomar is embedded as a redoubt of speeches, subjects and practices that have difficulties to penetrate the official contemporary culture sphere. Since 2013 we have been working on generating meetings and exchanges; Creating a program based on multivocal research and polyphonic incorporation from work on the margins (from the overground).


El Palomar is an experimental process of learning that we share with the cultural sphere, pedagogizing in its needs. We affirm as a declaration of intentions that the themes (currently called) queer have been marginal to Western discourse and knowledge until the feminist, postfeminist, decolonial, transfeminist, lgtbi, crip and queer discourses have gradually appropriated language, as well as of the spaces of knowledge and discussion.


As a project that addresses all these issues, it's for us a duty to remain in similar management parameters. We see institutional support as a resource aid in order to strengthen our processes towards these intentions. In addition to our commitment to manifest them in different formats and places. From our experience and reality, we rely on the potential of determined artists to resolve the political urgencies that deprive us of access to participate in the basic rights assumed as universal.


Strategies to patent these procedural mutations, such as registration or documentation, are key to locating ourselves in the dominant discourse. We present ourselves publicly as an independent project; not as utopian freedom, but as an alternative use of certain codes to solve political needs. The processes of El Palomar with its agents involved try to create a fruitful breeding ground for the production, development of ideas and projects.


Our work is focused on offering reception, network, contact, projection, dissemination and documentation, as well as sharing a platform without censorship for political, moral or rigor reasons. We do not work from the definition of an annual calendar, but rather let projects emerge as we work with artists, with work processes and synergies in political commitment dictating the dates of project presentations . We do not identify in any of the specific roles of cultural agents, but prefer to fluctuate between them as many times as necessary. In turn, we carry out a horizontal development of the artistic projects together with the parties involved, inviting them also to move and occupy other positions. At El Palomar, desire is catalyst for rethinking everything.